Flex-Wing Rear Finishing Mowers


Get a clean finish even when working on hilly properties. The 400 Series flex wing finish mower is designed for golf courses, parks or large acreage. Three floating decks flex independently in all directions to follow contours and four wheels per deck ensure stable, uniform operation. Steel blades provide high suction to lift grass and overlap for 100% cutting, delivering a precise finish cut every time you mow.

Pick the right match for your task with a choice of three cutting widths: 12, 15 or 17 feet. Spacers are provided for quick height adjustments on each deck, and the adjustable hitch lets you choose the right height to fit different types of tractors.

Hydraulic fold for easy transport and storage. An automatic tie-rod system keeps the side mowers in vertical position while in transport and a simple release rope lowers the decks.

Front rollers and chain guards provide smooth operation and grease points and belts are easily accessed for routine maintenance.

Optional mulching kit finely chops mowing debris.