Loaders for Boomer™ Series Tractors


f you have things like gravel, mulch, plants, dirt or hay to move, you’ll need a front-end loader. The distinctive, curved-boom design lines up with the sleek hood of your Boomer™ tractor to give you a clear view for safe, confident and productive operation. Plus, the Quick-Mount system makes hookup easy without having to use any tools.

Behind the wheel, you can easily see to the top edge of the bucket, allowing you to work confidently even when close to walls, foundations or other objects.

Attach or remove in minutes, without tools. With the Quick-Mount system, simply drive towards the loader and the loader tower ramps will guide the loader arms into place without the use of hydraulics.

Lock your loader to your tractor’s mounting bracket with ease. The handy spin cam allows for attachment even when not perfectly aligned.

The mid-mount design makes hookup easy and allows for complete turning, regardless of tire size, for easy maneuverability in confined spaces.

The smooth-back, industrial-style bucket is designed so that sticky material can be cleaned away easily.

The New Holland loader provides greater rollback so that the bucket fills more completely, and a greater dump angle ensures clean dumping of sticky material.