MegaCutter™ triple disc mower-conditioners cut more than just your hay. By cutting a 29-foot, 6-inch swath with every pass, the high-capacity MegaCutter combination helps you slash your bottom line. You mow more acres in less time and with less fuel every time you mow. The front-mounted MegaCutter™ 512 clears a wide, 11-foot, 10-inch path in front, so you can set your tires wider for fast drying and maintain tractor clearance for easy field maneuvering. The rear-mounted MegaCutter™ 530 provides capacity up to 43 acres per hour when operated at 14 mph.

Choosing a MegaCutter triple disc mower-conditioner means you can mow during hay season, then use your high-horsepower tractor all year for the tasks that need done when you’re not making hay.

For the ultimate in operator comfort, efficiency and productivity, match your MegaCutter triple mower-conditioners with an efficient New Holland tractor with ECOBlue™ SCR Tier 4 technology with the Auto Command™ continually variable transmission, IntelliSteer™ auto-steering system, and 31-mph transmission.