Mid-Mount Finishing Mowers


Mid-mount mowers from New Holland turn your tractor into a highly productive mowing machine. Get a precise cut around rocks, trees, plants and other obstacles while comfortably seeing what your doing. Mid-mount finishing mowers deliver an excellent cut that will leave you with a beautiful yard.

All models feature high-speed blades that deliver an exceptional cut. And the 84-inch deck model uses four GATOR MULCHERâ„¢ blades that provide a generous blade overlap of 1.5″ for the cleanest cut around.

Get a uniform cut even on uneven terrain. The flexible design lets the mid-mount mower move up and down as it follows the ground contour, for a smooth, even cut.

Quickly attach an optional bagging system to capture mower clippings. The three-bag system allows for maximum capacity and keeps emptying stops to a minimum.

When its time to switch to your three-point hitch for rear-mounted implements, you don’t have to remove the mid-mount mower, just lock it in the convenient raised position.