Rotary Brooms


Keep a rotary broom handy to clean up with maximum efficiency. Choose from 43-, 55-, 60- and 67-inch broom widths to sweep away leaves, clippings and snow from paved areas, and even de-thatches lawns when used with the optional side caster wheels.

The Quick-Attach system makes it easy to attach and detach your rotary broom without tools.

Broom heads feature convoluted brushes with polypropylene bristles and no spacers, so every inch of the surface is swept.
• Pivoting brush head yields to obstacles to prevent damage.
• Adjustable suspension controls the ground pressure.
• Choice of two replacement heads: polypropylene and a polypropylene/wire combination.

25-degree left/right angle maneuverability and gauge wheels keep the brush and surface in constant contact.
Mount and store your rotary broom easily. The parking stand protects the bristles during storage.

Optional side caster wheels  allow you to use your rotary broom for lawn de-thatching.