Rotary Tillers


Get your seedbeds ready for planting and control weeds between rows with a capable rotary tiller. They’re built to handle the daily demands of gardeners, nursery owners, landscapers and small farm owners, and are available in widths up to 80 inches so you can get more done with each pass.

The sturdy deck is constructed of steel and connects to your tractor’s three-point hitch by a box section steel frame. Outside hitch pin brackets are adjustable for offset operations so you can till close to obstacles or buildings.

The 540-rpm PTO (Power Take Off) is slip-clutch protected to prevent driveline component damage.

Grease fittings mean longer life for driveline universal joints and rotor shaft bearings. And both the input gearbox and side gearbox run in oil for smooth power transmission and superior durability.

Convenient chain support makes adjusting shield height quick and easy. Simply lower it to thoroughly pulverize the soil, or raise it for coarser textures. Skid shoes also adjust to one of four settings to control tilling depths of 0″-5″.

Choose a heavy-duty model and get one-pass tilling with a powerful gearbox and high-speed tines with greater tip speed. Plus, these models support both Category I and II three-point hitches.